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Edit Name Quicken Categories with Underscore

I recently migrated from Microsoft Money to Quicken. I had tried this years ago, but the migration was going to be largely manual so I continued on with Money as I have 20+ years of data. The process was much easier and my reports are largely tying out. One issue I have is that Quicken uses default categories (that are also hidden, which is a pia) for things like income from the exercise of employee stock options.

This is not a huge deal, but Quicken uses category names like _EmpStkOptInc and it really looks terrible on reports. I am also not able to mark any of these prepopulated categories as a sub-category of another category that I use. Any suggestions on how to edit / rename or workaround is appreciated.

PS -

After 20+ years using Microsoft Money, I am glad to finally migrate as Money has not been supported for years. I am not thrilled about having to pay on a subscription vs. buying a version that I could use for years, but understand why they want a subscription business model. One reason (other than the process used to be extremely difficult) I did not migrate before is that Intuit basically forced migrates users once their version is a few years old so having a perpetually subscription is not too different economically, but does result in paying $60+ / year vs. buying a version for $60 and using it for several years.


  • mshiggins
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    Categories beginning with an underscore cannot be renamed or changed to a subcategory. No workaround that I know of. 

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