Does the Quicken Team Test Anything?

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This is ridiculous. We've been hearing about Chase for months, and then the whole thing is a fiasco. The accounts don't map to my new accounts, and then it keeps asking me day after day. So now I have 8 Chase accounts and no end in sight. The whole process is just ridiculous....this is basic.


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    Not only that, but one of my accounts "worked" and now I'm getting downloads in the old account and the new account. If I was supposed to convert the original account to Express Web Connect to make it recognize it, that's something it would be nice to know. But my entire ledger is a mess at this point.

    I was able to restart and it does seem to have recognized that the process is complete. So I manually turned off the old accounts and will just use the new accounts. I.e. I think I'm through it, down to twice as many accounts as I needed, but survivable (fingers crossed).

    Just one opinion, but I don't need any bells and whistles. Would love if it my subscription at least guarantees things work the same as in the past. I understand banks aren't cooperating but overcoming these obstacles, like BECU and Chase should be a priority and then please don't worry about making it look simple...I'm happy to look at an FAQ page rather than be confused with the result.
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