Cleared Transactions Not Downloading from TD Bank Checking

Win Subscription/ Ver R43.20.
There has been at least one update since this problem started (a month or two ago?), but the issue continues. Some or all newly cleared transactions are often not downloading. Sometimes the update window states a number of transactions but the number of transactions listed does not match. Sometimes the number matches but is not all the newly cleared transactions shown in my bank account. No error messages. Obviously I'm not going to reconcile every time I download, and it's making me very uneasy as I don't know if my register is correct until I do! Very frustrating!


  • I can't find a way to edit my above posting. It's possible that these problems are occurring before 6am local time (US EST). Would that make a difference? Yesterday I tried before 6 and got 0 new cleared transactions returned. Tried again after 6 and got 15 - but was that all of them? Who knows?
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