Hello- I have a transaction that is not downloading to quicken (Q Mac)

However- the balance is the same as the bank account.


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    A few more details would help.
    What makes you say the transaction is "not downloading"? Do you get any error messages or any other symptoms?
    Is there a transaction in your register already that covers this "not downloading transaction"? Perhaps a Balance Adjustment transaction?
    Is the Opening Balance in your account register correct or, when compared to the bank statement for that day, is it off by the transaction amount?
  • The transaction isn't showing up on quicken at all. It is on my bank statement but not transferring over to quicken. I tried to manually search it, I went transaction to transaction and I can't find it at all.
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    Is it possible that the transaction did get downloaded at some point and you accidentally deleted it? Quicken will remember that and not put that transaction back into the account; you'd have to enter it manually in that case.

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  • I’ve tried entering it manually. However, without the transaction the total amount matches the total amount on my bank account. But when I enter it manually it makes the total inaccurate, more than the bank account.

    The total on quicken is the total including the transaction even though I can’t find it anywhere. So if I try to manually add the transaction it makes the total unbalanced.
  • UKR
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    1. Check the account's Opening Balance transaction. It may have been changed inadvertently (by Quicken) by the amount of the problem transaction. Compare it to your paper bank statement on the same date and see if it matches. If it's different, see (3) below.
    2. You can also restore a backup of your Quicken data file which is about 3 - 6 months old (restore to a different file name than your current data file. Do NOT overwrite your current data file!!!). Compare the Opening Balance of this account in both files. If the restored old file shows a different amount, make a note of the amount.
    3. Switch over to the current data file, edit the Opening Balance transaction and update the amount. Does your account's balance now match the bank?
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