Price history at Fidelity for Treasuries not updating. Is this a Quicken or Fidelity issue?

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I have U.S. Treasuries at Fidelity and Merrill Lynch. The price history has not updated for the Treasury bonds at Fidelity for the last 3 weeks (it did before that), but the price history does update for similar bonds at Merrill Lynch. Is this a Quicken or Fidelity issue? Where does Quicken get the price history for bonds?


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    Where does Quicken get the price history for bonds?
    To the best of my knowledge, only from the brokerage.  Make sure you have the securities properly matched.  I'd uncheck the box on the security details about Matched with online broker to make sure about that match.

  • I tried un-checking the 'Matched with online broker' box. A subsequent update did not update the pricing. Also I noticed that after un-checking the box, the CUSIP number was erased. I was thinking that the CUSIP was how the system made the match. I was not able to re-check the box to see if it would re-populate the CUSIP field because the box was grayed out. The only way do this was to restore the data from back up. I will contact Fidelity next week to see if they are aware of the issue. I tend to agree that the price data comes from the brokerage company.
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    Do you have Quicken comparing the brokerage portfolio to the Quicken account portfolio for each download?  If so, was a mismatch getting reported before?  Is a mismatch getting reported now?

    If that automatic comparison is off, you can have it done on demand through the Tool /Online Center.

    Why those questions. The CUSIP entry gets filled and the box checked when the brokerage reports a holding and you (or Quicken) makes a match of that holding to a security in your Quicken file. That your Q-security had a CUSIP means it was matched at one time. So did Fidelity quit reporting the holding entirely, or maybe just the price?

    And now that you broke the match, why isn’t a mismatch being identified?

    Those are aspects I would try to identify first to have a more productive conversation with Fidelity

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