random transactions appearing after download account data

I have a checking account. Today when I downloaded data on all my accounts I got a shock to see Quicken telling my balance was overdrawn. I did a "Reconcile" and discovered 30 plus payments inserted into the register and I further realized these were payments I had made over the years to my Chase credit card. I understand Chase have changed something that duplicates accounts and transactions. Is there a fix? Or do I have to get rid of my Chase credit card, something I'd be willing to do if that's the only solution. Thanks everyone.


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    Hi @niven,

    I think that I have some good news for you.  I think it is highly unlikely (and I am being conservative here)  that you will need to "get rid of" your Chase credit card. I say this because finding "30 plus payments ... made over the years to my Chase credit card" seems to be data corruption - or something similar - and not a real-world event.

    However, what seems to have happened is going to require you to a) either correct/delete all those erroneous transactions and get your accounts back to reality.  Or, cause you to have to restore a backup datafile from a time before this data corruption took place.  I would suggest that you take this approach.

    BTW - you selected "Quicken on the Web" as the area that you were in when this happened.  If choosing that that was a mistake, you just need to straighten out your Quicken datafile. Otherwise, the causes of your data corruption issues could be more complicated.  And I would ask if you are seeing these same issues in your "Off the web" Quicken accounts.

    Hope this helps.


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    thanks for the reply. It appears that there is a problem with downloading from my credit card company and it's created a new account. That's what messed me up. Here is a link https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7918593/updated-9-1-22-unable-to-link-accounts-on-add-account-screen-during-chase-migration-process
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