In late Aug or early Sep 2022, Quicken stopped working.

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It opens but closes almost immediately. I have downloaded and reinstalled more than four times - once while on the phone with Quicken support. Anti-virus and firewall have been turned off. I've tried to open with Ctrl key held down. I have tried with Ctrl + Shift keys held down. Quicken support said it was a computer or Windows problem! Any help would be appreciated. Windows 10 on an HP desktop computer with AMD processor.


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    Hello @1coyote ,
    I have seem similar reports by a few users.  I was able to help one user in this post.  I encourage you to try everything from the top, where finally about the half-way down, the second approach helped that user.  Please post back and let us know.
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    It seems that the fix for me was to install the latest Microsoft .NET Framework which was version 4.8.1. After that, I cleaned the registry with CCleaner.exe and deleted the Quicken directories from "c:\Program Files (x86)\", "c:\ProgramData\", and "c:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\".
    Thank you for the help.
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