Update on: Quicken Premier: Erratic behavior, slow performance, screen flashes to desktop ...

For me, there is bad news and good news.
For Quicken, I think there is only good news.

My earlier posts about erratic Quicken Premier performance, etc. was closed (by Quicken I guess), and I appreciated hearing from other Community members who were experiencing similar issues.

Here's the update: My home HP Omen 880-150 desktop suddenly died (totally kaput). I pulled out my HP personal laptop, downloaded Quicken Premier with no problems (thank you Quicken for letting us install on multiple personal computers 😁), opened the backup files and did banking stuff. I noticed NO issues when using Quicken on that computer. Interesting.

Yesterday I got my essentially rebuilt desktop back (new case, new motherboard, new processor [i5 that is 15% faster than the 4.5 year old i7 I had!), new 750 power supply). When doing my financial work this morning (11 September ... 20 years since 9/11!) on the quasi-new computer NO issues with Quicken. Fast, no blank screens, etc.

So to Quicken: Apologies for blaming you (although I think a refresh might be needed).

To all community members: If you start having issues they could be hardware OR Windows related. The exceptional technician who rebuilt my "box," indicated if after running Windows 10 for years (like in my case 4 or 5 years), it can become "clogged" not his word you get the idea, and a "fresh reinstall" can fix issues. Of course, THEN users must reinstall programs in most cases. He said that installing Win11 over Win10 typically doesn't "fix" issues just adds more bloat.

Just sharing if others have had, or having, or might have issues.

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