Sidebar used to be sorted alphabetically now it does not

Gilles9 Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
Before 6.9 al least, the sidebar ( left pane ) was sorted alphabetically in each section ( Checking, Savings, Brokerage etc... )

Just noticed that creating a new account just put it somewhere and then changing the name to move it alphabetically so it is grouped with accounts with same root name, does not move it
 it remains where it was created, either at the bottom of Brokerage accounts or elsewhere and changing the account name does not move it

There were some requests/suggestions to let us arrange the sidebar accounts in the way we want, that was not implemented, is Quicken working on this and it is half way baked, or is it a BUG


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It looks like a display update bug. If you close the file & reopen it, the account will move to the correct alphabetized position.

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  • Gilles9
    Gilles9 Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
    Thanks for the workaround

    So a BUG it is
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