Billpay stops working after Chase update and restore from backup

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Chase is one of my banking data sources. When the message came through Quicken to update my connection method, I did (after paying one other bill with Billpay). A large number of duplicate transactions were downloaded. After clearing them, I tried to reconcile my account, but it was off my $500+. The current statement was all in line with my registry, so I knew it had to be something else that changed.

I exported my register to a QIF file, then restored the backup from just before the Citi upgrade. After dumping that to a QIF I could see that what had changed was the INITIAL BALANCE. I had it at $0 originally, and the "upgrade" from Citi changed it to $500+.

So I restored the new file, fixed the initial balance, and everything was now in agreement.

Then I tried to pay the bill. My payment account (from Schwab Bank Checking) was no longer connected. When I tried to re-enter it (same Routing/Account number as before). Quicken would not allow it; it said the routing/account number could not be changed while there are payments processing. But IT WAS not a change to the routing/account, just an attempt to reconnect it. No joy.

Further, all signs of Quickpay/Checkpay connection in my check register disappeared (those little icons you can click to see payment status).

I tried a File Validation, but it did not help. I'd already put about 90 minutes into this series of problems and was out of ideas (and searching was not pulling up any help for this particular issue). So I called Quicken Support.

After waiting 30 minutes to talk to someone, I got a Quicken rep on the line. She walked me through additional steps, including Super Validate. None of these worked. As she was starting to explain what she wanted to try next, the line went dead. We had been on the phoe for about 30 minutes.

She never called me back, and I did not have another 30 minutes to waste waiting for another rep.

Quicken's Quickpay/Checkpay feature has been fragile since its release. This is, as I recall, the third time it broke on me. The last time it broke, it resulted in duplicated CheckPay check numbers (which cannot then be voided -- see other discussions for the inability to void CheckPay checks).

When an outside company ran Billpay, at least there was a website one could log onto to try to fix things. Quicken does not support any thing of the sort. And it's fragile, and it has, in the past, notified me on the day a payment was due that it was not sending it for some reason or another, leaving me scrambling.

So Quicken, I am DONE with your Quickpay/Checkpay features. I STRONGLY suggest that you:

1. Make it simpler to reconnect a "lost" Quickpay/Checkpay account. You already know there is a "previous" routing/account number. If the same one is re-entered, you should allow an instant reconnect (and don't tell me you don't store that info -- do a 1-way, salted hash and compare, the same way all secure websites do with passwords).

2. Allow Web access to the payment system for cases where Quicken Quickpay/Checkpay is broken; people need to pair their bills!

3. Create a new online tier for downloading stock prices/bank transactions BUT WITHOUT Quickpay/Checkpay; they are just too unreliable to charge customers for their use. So unreliable, that I cannot but help but wonder if it is worth bringing to the attention of my state's Attorney General's Consumer Protection Office?

If you won't do these things, I may have to part ways with you when the next renewal comes along. I've been a Quicken user since the 1990's. Intuit stopped properly supporting Quicken several years ago, but I had allowed myself to hope for better when current management stepped in. I signed up for the subscription service and kept using Quicken while you worked through some of the legacy issues, and some new issues of your own making. I worked my way through the issues you had with Schwab, and now with Citi.

But now, I am weary of spending so much of my time debugging your problems; problems you cannot seem to fix. Your "new/improved" Quickpay/Checkpay feature is two years old, and is still unreliable. I am tired of waiting on hold for your reps to try to come up with things for me to try, only to be disconnected before a solution is found, and have your reps not call me back.

Your customer service does not seem empowered to get the job done. Perhaps development and management can make support's job easier by implementing some sensible fixes and policy changes, as suggested above.
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