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Citibank required a change of password, and now can't download to Quicken register. Quicken info. states I don't need a password to download from Citi now and there doesn't seem to be an option to enter the new password in Quicken now. I'm not able to download transactions now for several days. Need some guidance. Instructions on Quicken also say not to do the deactivation and reactivation that one set of instructions gives.


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    The password for all banks which are connected with Express Web Connect ( or EWC+) is no longer stored in the Password Vault. It's stored in a Quicken/Intuit server.
    Try running an "Update Now" from the account register's gear icon. When the download process trips over the changed password, you will get prompted to enter the new password. Carefully look for checkboxes with text saying something about "save password ..." to ensure the password really is saved on the server.
  • Thanks very much for your reply. I have run the "update now" several times over a few days, and I keep getting the message cc502. The instructions from the help link there are the same as you have indicated. Is this a problem on the bank side or the Quicken side? Any further suggestions?
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    • Does your password contain any special characters other than A...Z, a...z, 0...9? If so, which ones?  Express Web Connect - connected accounts cannot use these characters in passwords:  & < > \ or /
    • Some passwords are "case sensitive", i.e., "PASSWORD" is not equal to "password" or "Password"
    • Quicken limits passwords to 16 characters or less.
    • In some instances, a password typed or pasted into the field with a leading or trailing blank may cause problems until you remove the extra blank
  • It does newly contain a # sign. I've continued including an exclamation ! sign. Should I delete either? I have used exclamation signs before without a problem downloading.
  • While awaiting your response, I went ahead and changed my password to eliminate the #. They do require at least one character and I've used ! Data didn't download despite that change, though I suspect there could be delay in processing the change that Quicken sees.
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