What's up with Quicken Support ???????????

I am trying to address a problem in Quicken for the Loan Lending tool. I tried the Community Forum and only one person was able to respond and he was not able to solve the issue at hand.

I then tried the Chat option twice with support but each time the chat terminated before I was able to adequately describe the problem, even while attempting to perform a screen share.

I then tried calling support Three times and each time the call would abruptly end before I could even fully detail the problem. On the third attempt, I gave my phone number to the representative immediately so he could call me back. He attempted to call back multiple times but the phone would barely ring before it then just stopped. I didn't even have time to answer. He finally called back successfully but again, the call abruptly ended before we could begin troubleshooting. Finally, he was able to return the call and we were able to discuss the isue without being disconnected.

While we finally got to discuss the issue, there is a serious issue with Quicken's support system that needs to be addressed. It's not the people, it's the communication hardware / software causing this. This is frustrating and more importantly, wasting time of customers trying to work through their problems. Do BETTER Quicken !!

I have also submitted a problem report for the issue but I acknowledge this is