Why are reminder dates changing???

Jo Kay
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I set manual reminders for specific dates and now they are different. Some are 2 or 3 of even 6 months off. Date set for 5/20/23 and shows 7/20/23. i have changed as many as I recognize back but why is this happening????


  • ccollins805
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    The same thing is happening to me. I used to rely on Quicken. I don't feel I can anymore.
  • UKR
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    edited September 2022
    More details, please.
    What version, edition level (Starter, Deluxe, etc.) and release (R xx.xx) of Quicken are you using?
    US, Canadian or other country version?
    Click Help / About Quicken (Mac: Quicken / About Quicken) to get this information.
    And more details about these reminders, please:
    What frequency (weekly, monthly, etc)?
    What number of days is specified in "Remind me [xx] days..." or "Automatically enter [xx] days..."?
    What calendar day is due date: 1...31, first/last/nth day/weekday, etc.

    A change to the date logic in reminders a few months ago seems to make some reminders skip months ahead when the program can't properly determine the date of the next instance.

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