How do I cancel, Void or Delete a Quicken Check Pay Transaction in Quicken

I have a check that was sent via Quicken Check Pay. The Recipient has shredded the check so it will not be processed. How do I cancel the check in Quicken? When I try to Void or Delete the check, I am presented with a message stating I must Cancel the transaction first. The check was sent over a month ago.


  • UKR
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    You can't delete this transaction or void it, because it's an already completed online transaction.
    The only way to get your account register back in sync is by recording a new transaction, to put the money back into the account, e.g., Payee, Category = same as on check, Amount = same as check but positive or in Deposit column, Memo = check #1234 not cashed.
    To make your account register reconcile to statement, mark both transactions as already "R"reconciled
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    I am not sure a manual transaction and the resulting balance will ever match the online balance with the FI. If the payee had returned the check, the OP could have deposited the check into their account and restored the balance. 

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