How can I archive years of unreconciled transactions?

I've used Quicken for 20+ years - primarily as a bill pay tool. I want to start using it for all its benefits and can go back to January 1, 2022, and reconcile/code all of this year's transactions. However, I'd like to just archive the pre-2022 transactions (both reconciled and unreconciled). Is that possible?


  • UKR
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    If you're trying to use the "Create a Year End Archive" option of the File Menu / Backup or Copy File ...
    this option only archives transactions which are marked reconciled.
    Transfer transactions must be reconciled in both (all) accounts involved in this transfer. Investment transactions (buy, sell, etc.) in investment transaction registers will always remain in the active data file as they're needed for investment history. There are some other account types which cannot be reconciled, so their transactions always remain in the active data file.
    I recommend you keep 4 to 5 complete years plus this year in the active data file and only archive older transactions. That helps with looking at last year's or somewhat older information without having to open the archive file.