Quicken version R43.20 Build has stopped downloading transactions

I have been using Quicken (Q) financial software since 1983. It has always performed well. But that is not the case anymore. Since Q left Intuit, it has gone to hell in a hand basket, and not very good basket at that!

Quicken version R43.20 Build has stopped downloading transactions.

I have made a lot of calls to Q support over the last 30 days (each call lasted from 1-2 hours). The first few times they solved the issue, and I was able to download transactions whilst I was on the phone with them. But then the next time I tried; Q once again failed to download transactions!

Today was the fourth or fifth time I called Q support. The call lasted almost three and a half hours! This time they did not solve the issue. To make matters worse, after three and a half hours the Q support agent told me that the reason Q was not downloading transactions was because Q only downloads once a week! AYSM?!?!!?

I am done with Q! I will be cancelling my subscription ASAP!


  • Jeff Weiss
    Jeff Weiss Member ✭✭
    WHY IS THERE NO QUICKEN RESPONSE TO THIS POST????? I LOADED R43.20 and have the same problem. DO I have to cancel my subscription also?
  • Zimmo40
    Zimmo40 Member
    Just updated after not downloading for several weeks. Seems I now have the same issue. nothing downloaded from Truist accounts since last download. I fear this is a BIG problem. I will be calling tomorrow. Sounding bad already.
  • djr
    djr Member ✭✭
    Same issue. Will not download transactions. Verified on the Citi Credit card website that there are new posted transactions. Even if I do an "update now" from within that account it still does not download the new transactions. Quicken are you reading this?
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