After R43.26 update, Chase problems remain...

Before R26 it was bad. After R26 worse. Now every time I go to update the accounts, the software says I have to reauthorize all three of my Chase accounts. I only have a card with them but have two ghost accounts as most everyone who uses Quicken and banks with Chase. But after 26 it refuses to activate. Just sits there on the authorization page waiting for a reply from Chase. If I delete the two ghost accounts, it will attempt activation again and this time it seems to work, but it does not recognize new charges and it remakes the two ghost accounts. Add this the list of Cap 360, Pay Pal, First Horizon and Synchrony bank accounts that will simply not update. I continually get the "It's not your fault" errors. I've been a Quicken user for almost twenty years and have seen rough periods where the
software had bad bugs, but now the software is simply a spreadsheet on steroids. Horrible and incompetent.
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