Chase Download update (EWC+), not reconciling & Security Liabilities w/ Quicken??

mark miller
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Coincidently, with changing to EWC+ to download transactions from Chase, my balances for the first time EVER don't reconcile. Basically ending up doing an adjustment 4 times (after 3 weeks, 4 transactions) which ZERO'ed OUT?!! No idea what happened but asked chase. They (unlike some other financial orgs) said they do NOT support 3rd party at ALL. In addition, said they would not cover any fraudulent charges done by any 3rd party. So two questions:
1) Anyone know anything about adjustments with update perhaps?
2) If Quicken is hacked to get to chase, are they liable? If not, maybe time (again) to start considering other alternatives.


  • AnonAnon
    AnonAnon Member ✭✭
    I came back to this forum for answers after the continued frustration with Chase and this change.

    ?? Is anyone aware of the financial institutions that are suitable alternatives for online billpay which works with Quicken interface ??

    I'm not a fan of setting this up 'in' quicken as PE firm decisions usually undercut security investments. Same reason i won't set up the webconnect on a device.

    For now, going into two systems to pay a utility bill feels like a step backward. I'd be willing to pull all $ out of Chase just for the time waste Chase has caused.

    If the Quicken mission is really to help the customer lead CONFIDENT financial lives and and TAKE CONTROL of our finances.... neither of those is working for me any more due to this Chase conundrum.

    I too have a checking account that I have performed a reconciliation 4 times since this mess started and it has my accounting brain frustrated and exhausted. I was also getting my kiddo set up on the quicken platform but they too use chase and the eye rolls i'm getting with paying a simple bill just aren't worth it.
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