Suggest changing how Quicken software updates are handled on Windows

My first post. Just want to make a suggestion. Almost every single time I start the app, I first have to sit through a download and update process. This is annoying. How about Quicken gets purchased, installed, and serviced via the Windows Store, which can automatically detect and install updates in the background whenever the machine is booted, so the user doesn't have to go through an app-managed update process almost every single time the app is used? Such an app-managed process is IMHO quite archaic these days.


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    I actually created a support account for this particular issue. Another option that some Windows applications are starting to use is to detect that an upgrade is needed, and to offer to upgrade when you close the application. When I start Quicken, I am starting it so I can use it, not so I can upgrade it and then use it. The ability to upgrade on close would allow me to do what I came to do, and then upgrade when I am done.
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    And don't get me started on the option to Start Quicken after the upgrade. I started the application so I could use it!! Of course I want to start it when the upgrade is done!!! (But better is to upgrade at close.)
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    ahh - the software upgrade model - and how we now expect everything to work like our phones & tablets.
    The better discussion is - how to STOP Quicken from detecting and installing a software update without our permission.
    It might be ok if Quicken was a stable and trustworthy software product - but it is neither of those.
    SO - I personally am running my laptop in Limited User Mode or some folks use Windows UAC to prevent "access" to installing software without a Windows prompt to the user......  

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