Cleared Transaction List Changes

After the update to build there have been some changes that are more like bugs than improvements. One in particular is the cleared transaction list Payee no longer cares about the renaming rules. Everything is showing up as "Point Of Sale Withdrawal xxxx" where xxxx is the business name or short name (for example H-E-B is "Point Of Sale Withdrawal H-E-B"). Last month this just showed up as H-E-B. Hobby-Lobby just showed up as Hobby-Lobby now it shows up with the "Point Of Sale HOBBY-" These are all businesses I have been using for years and downloading into my Quicken account.

But wait. It gets stranger. In the same download, 2 of the H-E-B entries came in as H-E-B. Keurig came in as Keurig. And a few others came in as they always do.


  • UKR
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    It's quite possible that the bank or the transaction download service provider (Intuit) changed things around.
    If you let Quicken create new register transactions from downloaded data, you need to review your Renaming Rules to see if they still fit (e.g., your Hobby-Lobby rule), or you need to add new Renaming Rules as needed.
    There is a Preferences setting in Edit / Preferences / Downloaded Transactions, "Automatically apply Quicken's suggested name to payee" and see if turning this setting on or off gives better results for new transactions.
    For this particular account I suggest you turn off automatically accepting new transactions into the register. Manually review each downloaded transaction, correct the Payee Name when needed and let Quicken help you build a Renaming Rule that fits and will help with future transactions from the same Payee. Verify that the 3 settings about Renaming Rules in Edit / Preferences / Downloaded Transactions are all enabled.

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