How do i use this on two computers?

I have the Home, business and rental property version r43.26 on two laptops but on the second laptop, i cannot access my company file


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    Quicken, any feature level, is not designed for use by multiple users sharing the same data file.
    In short: one computer, one Windows User Account, one installation of Quicken on that computer, one (or more as needed) Quicken data file(s) on the computer's internal hard drive or SSD.
    Additional people can use this environment when needed, one person at a time but they all have the same full, unrestricted access to all functions of Quicken.
    If you have a need for two or more people accessing your bookkeeping data at the same time, performing order entry or other tasks (shipping, invoicing, etc.) then, IMHO, Quicken is not suitable for you. I would recommend you start looking for a full-featured multi-user capable accounting software package, one that is customizable to suit your business needs.
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