right-click on transaction to find all instances; unexpected result (Q Mac)

Steve Taff
Steve Taff Member ✭✭
QM6.9.0 in Monterey

I rarely use this shortcut (but I'd like to), so I don't know if this is new behavior or not.

I have a subcategory "y:z". In a register, I right-click on a transaction with this subcategory and select "report on y:z", it works fine. Only transactions with subcategory "z" are shown in the report.

But when I select "FIND y:z", the register's upper-right find/filter window is populated only with "z", and any transaction with a subcategory that ends in "z", including for example a:z, display.

If I type "y:z" directly into the register's find/filter window, it works as expected.

So is this a communication issue between right-click "find" and the find/filter window?


  • lhossus
    lhossus SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would consider this a bug.

    It seems unlikely to be intended behavior, as the context menu item clearly says "Find y;z" yet it inserts only the text "z" in the Search box (upper-right find / filter window). If it was intended behavior, then the context menu item should be "Find z".

    I suggest Report a Problem ... (found in Quicken's Help menu). You can reference this discussion by including a URL.

    I too am on Monterey, v 12.5.1. Quicken v 6.9.0
    Quicken Mac Subscription • macOS Monterey 12.6 on MacBook Pro 13" M1
  • Steve Taff
    Steve Taff Member ✭✭
    Thanks for confirmation, Ihossus. I've sent a report.
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