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Chase Download is SLOW

R Strax
R Strax Member ✭✭✭
Since the updated Chase connection my downloads from Chase are very slow - I mean it takes about 5-7 minutes to download transactions from my 5 accounts. Note that my Fidelity accounts download in less than 15 seconds.

Wondering if others have had this problem, and if there are any suggestions. I looked through the discussions and did not see this reported.


  • lhossus
    lhossus SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The new updated connection is definitely slower than Direct Connect - which I would guess you are using with Fidelity.

    I have only 1 Chase (credit card) account.

    - Downloading via Direct Connect used to take only "seconds" as part of my daily Update All Online Accounts.

    - Just now on Saturday afternoon, using the new connection method, it took 40 seconds to complete an Update Selected Online Account for that one Chase credit card.

    One major difference: the new connection method is a variation of the Quicken Connect method. As such, when you Update one Quicken Connect account, you Update ALL Quicken Connect accounts. I have 13 Quicken Connect accounts.
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