How do I get my newly-created Chase cc acct to "merge" with already existing Chase cc acct?

Jim Thompson
Jim Thompson Member ✭✭
I successfully completed the re-authorization steps at Chase. When I returned to Quicken, I saw this: I placed the cursor in the "Nickname in Quicken" column and changed the name to the name that I have given my existing Chase credit card account. I assumed that this existing account would be the one linked to Chase. Instead, a new account was created! How do I "merge" the new account into the existing account, such that I no longer have 2 accounts but just the one that I've had for years?


  • D Weiss
    D Weiss Member
    Theoretically, you should have had an option to select the existing account from a dropdown list, instead of adding and nicknaming a new account. Perhaps repeat the reauthorization steps and see if it gives you that option? I think the dropdown was to the left of the box where you'd enter the nickname. (It wasn't clearly labeled.)
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