Why are certain investment accounts not showing in Mobile

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Hi - I am using Quicken Mac 6.9 and have 8 investment accounts, of which only 3 show in the Mobile app. All of the accounts are online using Direct Connect, all are set to sync and none of them have any current connection issues and are downloading their transactions and prices correctly.

Even stranger, two accounts that are syncing are with the same institution as other accounts which are not. For example, one eTrade account I have syncs, the other does not. They are completely identical in every sense except the account number. Same is true with a Morgan Stanley Wealth Management account. My wife and I each have an individual account, set up in the same way, same connection, same sync, same account type. Hers syncs, mine does not.

The only thing I notice is the accounts which are syncing are newer than those which are not, and that is true across the board. I've tried resetting sync, tried creating a new file, tried adding and then removing these accounts, but nothing changes. Anyone seen anything like this before?


  • Zoolook
    Zoolook Member, Mac Beta Beta
    This was solved by support. For any future reference, you need to remove the accounts in question from Sync, log out on your local machine and shut down. Then re-open, log in and add the accounts back.

    It seems logging out and shutting down after any action forces the cloud to re-sync correctly. I'd tried removing and adding the accounts to no avail.
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