Importing older PNC transactions into Quicken

I'm brand new to Quicken (subscribed today) and right off the bat I'm running into problems and in a customer support spiral. I'm trying to get Dec 2021 to present from PNC into Quicken. Quicken says sorry (csv not supported). PNC says sorry (csv only for anything older than 90 days and it must be done one month at a time).

I haven't even started trying to import my other accounts for the calendar year. What can you tell me about the situation with Quicken and their proprietary file formats? Should I get a refund while I still can? This seems overly complicated for a sophisticated 30yo software.

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    Your FI or bank controls how far back you can download. Most only go back 90 days. The rest you will have to enter manually. You might get a greater range of transactions if you go to your financial institution's website and download a different range of dates in a Web Connect .QFX file. If you manually enter older transactions, be sure to adjust the opening balance to account for them as you enter them.

    See this FAQ on downloading older transactions,

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    Seriously? Intuit/Quicken works with banking institutions to have THEM pay for tools to convert their data to QFX. Additionally, I AM paying Intuit/Quicken for this software, and they can't provide the CONSUMER/CUSTOMER an excel add-in or another tool to convert csv/xls to QFX? With the price of the annual subscription this should be a given. This is completely unacceptable.

    This morning I thought "easy breezy" I'm a tech savvy individual, I'll purchase Quicken Deluxe and be set-up in an hour or two. Nope, an entire workday later--hours on tech support with Quicken and PNC, researching online, studying excel add-ins, etc. and I'm nowhere closer to being set-up. PNC has QFX for only 90-days, anything older is CSV or PDF, and Intuit/Quicken doesn't don't offer conversion. Seriously?! I'm giving this a couple of more hours tomorrow. If I don't find an easy solution, I'll be asking for a refund.
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