Issues using banks vs credit unions

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I recently found this article on Microsoft Start. I placed.

I started a post several weeks ago to reflect my opinion about the ways Credit Unions are superior over banks and why. With all the problems with Chase, Schwab and other banks, I question their reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

I cannot find the post that I created, and wonder if it was taken down, or moved. I know a lot of the superusers have come from the banking backgrounds and in no way do I want them to take personally their past choice of careers. But I found this interesting article I would like everyone to read.

I do not claim that credit union don't have issues, but they are few and far between. Quicken is an example. Very seldom there are issues on Quicken with problems stemming from the credit union themselves compared to banks.

This article speaks volumes to me. After being with a Credit Union that was originally the IBM cu, I'm still using the same CU, for 56 years now. I have hardly ever a fee for anything that wasn't rescinded after talking about them about. I've never paid a fee for a checking account or a credit. Over 56 years, I've probably saved thousands of dollars compared to having used a bank. I've had my CC hacked 3 times in last 10 years, and withing 3 days I was refunded the amount in the form of a credit to my CU CC account.

Here's the article:
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