Changing bank name in One Step Setup

I successfully added a bank to an account for one-step download. This worked well. My account with that bank has been moved to another bank. So, on the "Account Details" I have selected "Online Services", and then "Deactivate". However, when I to "set up now..." one-step setup with the new bank, there is no way to select a new bank. The old bank name keeps showing in the "activate one step update" window and it cannot be changed anywhere. Any suggestions to an existing account to a new bank?


  • sdpenrn
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    I have the same issue. I don't see any response from Quicken to give you help. Did you ever get a response or resolution?
  • UKR
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    You've deactivated the account, so you should be able to now edit in Edit Account Details, General tab the fields containing Financial Institution and Account Number and Customer ID (if available). Blank out these fields, then try Set up again.
    Alternative: After deactivation of all accounts with the old bank use the "+" icon (Add Accounts) in the Account Bar title to pretend to add new accounts with the new bank.
    Eventually you will get to a list of accounts found at the new bank. For each account found, click the "Add" or "Link ..." button, set it to Link and choose the correct existing account register from a popup list.
    After all that is done you will need to rename the account register name in Edit Account Details to indicate the new bank name
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