One Step update for Chase Accounts with the EWC+ connection

Each time I run one step update for Chase accounts, my accounts think I'm reconciling (changing the transaction status from "C" to "R"). I'm not reconciling the accounts which means I have to go back and change all the transaction statuses back to "C". This is very annoying. Is there going to be a fix for this?


  • Problem with new Chase Bank/ Quicken conversion. When trying to update the Chase connection and reauthorize accounts, we got the following message “Unsupported Category Placement – we found investment categories that have sub-categories assigned to banking transactions. Quicken does not support this. We need to move the following sub-categories under the ‘Personal Expense/Personal Income’ category list for cloud sync to continue.”
    The categories listed are our Rental Property Income and Rental Property Expense categories. We definitely do not want these categories to be moved to Personal and there is nothing in our Quicken file that labels them as Investment Categories. We did not continue with the reauthorization or conversion. I believe this is an error in the logic identifying Rental Property accounts as Investment accounts.
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