Reconciling Accounts

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This isn't so much a question as it is a problem that would be nice if it got fixed. I have several transactions each week that are the same dollar amounts from the same store or service. Why does Quicken clear the most recent one all the time, instead of the oldest one which is obviously the one that just cleared? Okay, I guess that was a question.


  • UKR
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    Do you manually record these transactions into your account register before you download transactions?
    When you download transactions, do you automatically accept downloaded transactions into your register or do you manually review and accept each downloaded transaction?
    How often do you download transactions? Daily, once a week, less frequently?
  • Money2021
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    Daily. I used to auto-accept, now I review before accepting. If there is a $6.00 charge from 9/21 and a $6.00 charge from 9/25, both to the same payee, it clears the 9/25 charge instead of the 9/21 charge, which is the one that should be cleared. Not a huge deal, just annoying. Oh, and yes I manually enter transactions before downloading to reconcile.
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