Another Quicken - Chase Issue

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A few days ago I took the plunge and did the Chase update. When it got done some how I had to create new accounts in Quicken for the new method to work. ( Only option presented and I was naive). Sorted through transactions in new accounts and moved on and Ignored the old chase accounts in Quicken. Next day when I updated, the "new" accounts populated with my new charges. Great!!! ( I thought )

Well a few days later I get the prompt that I need to authroize Quicken -Chase. Went through the steps and at the end It said already authorized.

Next time I said ignore and everything updated.

Today got same message that I need to authorize, went through steps and saw on Chase that accounts already linked.

So I went into the old account that was active before the "upgrade" and tried to repair. Same message at the end - nothing to authorize.

Very Annoying that I keep getting prompted to authorize when there is nothing to authorize?

Did anyone even do a beta test on this new process???? Or are we the beta testers????


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    Welcome to the party. This has been going on for the past couple of weeks. There are several threads about it and no resolution (at least none that work). Make sure you have a clean backup or two from before you started down this path.
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