Etrade Download Errors persisting

Hi- I have downloaded Etrade transactions to Quicken for many years (over a decade?) And July 26, the download broke sending me the error message OL-220-A Your Financial Inst does not recognize ROTH IRA (xxxx-xxxx). And a second message with error message OL-304-A and same text with a second account number. The first account has been closed since 2011 and I don't think I ever connected it on line, and the second account has been closed since 2005 and I know I never connected this on line. Again, these were closed and hidden in my Quicken for over a decade and never caused a problem but maybe in July for some reason Quicken is sending information to Etrade now causing them to look for long closed accounts.

I need help - I guess I could delete these old accounts in Quicken altogether, but worry that would screw up interactions with accounts I still have open like my checking account. I have contacted ETrade and sent them log files that they requested but still no help.


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    Are these old account registers in Quicken still connected for downloading?
    Go into Edit Account Details, Online Services tab and see if it still says "Connection Method: Direct Connect". If so, click the Deactivate button.
    Please do not delete the old accounts. I'm quite sure you wouldn't like the results ...
    To get rid of them "cleanly", consider creating a Year End Archive file leaving about 5 years of recent transactions in the active data file. Once all transactions within an old, closed account register have been archived, you may delete the now empty account register.
    Please make sure these accounts are marked closed in Tools / Manage Hidden Accounts.
    Renaming the accounts and adding a "~"(tilde) or "z" character to the front of the register name also helps identifying closed accounts.
  • No - these old accounts are not connected and I don't think I ever HAD them connected, which is what makes it so weird that in Late July I started getting these error messages for accounts.

    I don't want to get rid of them using the steps you recommend unless it will fix the download error. Do you have any reason to think doing this will eliminate the error? All of these accounts are already closed, archived and hidden too.
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