Chase migration created new CC account - how to handle

When updating for Chase, they installed a new credit card account starting in June. Now I have 2 months of duplicate activity. How do I fix this? Go to the new account and delete all the duplicates?


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    No.  Best to fix it by deleting the new account and linking the existing account for continuity.  After you logged into Chase and followed all of the prompts to authorize (or just clicked through if you've done it once before), you are presented with a screen in Quicken.   Either (a) that screen did not offer you the option to link to an existing account, or (b) it offered to 'add', and you didn't use the drop-down to change 'add' to 'link' (or again, a bug prevented 'link' from appearing).

    Removed online services for the new account, then delete that account.

    For the proper Chase account register, right click the account name in the account list on the left of your screen and click Edit... then click the Online Services tab and try "Reset Account" ... which will lead you through the process and you'll have the option once again to make sure that you link to this very account vs add a new one.  If that does NOT happen, repeat again and this time on the Online Services tab, click "Deactivate", then when that is complete, then return and activate online services for that account... which, again, should eventually offer you the option to 'link' to this register.

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