Printing Checks - they are light grey; not black (Q Mac)

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I am using Quicken for Mac 6.9.0, and a Canon MF269dw. When I print checks, the printing is a light grey that is barely readable. I have tried the "Bold font" option which only makes the grey print thicker. I have no trouble getting solid blacks when I print from other applications. I have tried different paper and different checks - same results. I know that checks are less important than they used to be, but still need to write some every week.


  • UKR
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    There's an old Youtube video about printing checks with Q Mac 2015.
    About 3 minutes into the video, printer setup is discussed and a dialog about printer quality is shown briefly. Do you have a similar dialog in your current Q Mac version? Something that might be set to Draft mode, when it should be Normal or Quality mode instead?
  • mrjspoons
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    I have "High" selected for print quality. I don't think that is the issue. Thanks for suggesting the video!
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