Citi ExxonMobil Smart Card

I can not locate the option to link my ExxonMobil Smart Card from Citi. It is a similar login as to both Best Buy and Home Depot from Citi. Can you please advise what needs to be done so this card can be linked electronically?

Below is the signin link for this card.


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    It appears that Citi has not yet established a separate connection to Quicken / Intuit for downloading. That must happen before you directly add the account for downloading.
    Meanwhile, ...
    • In Quicken, to add / activate the account, have you tried using "Citi Cards" as the financial institution name?
    • Have you tried downloading and importing a QFX file from their website? This may set up the account so you can perform a "improve connection" for use with One Step Update in the future.
    • Have you searched the Citi website for download instructions or contacted their support center? They oughta know ...
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