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I'm a People's/M&T merger account, using Quicken for Mac Same issue linking Quicken account to M&T. After 5 hours on hold with M&T, including being disconnected without a call-back and redirect to wrong dept over 2 days, still having issue. The rep insisted to select "M&T Bank - Direct Connect" when linking account, which I was not successful with after multiple, multiple tries, breaking link, re-linking, re-booting, etc. So I tried the "M&T Bank Corporation" option to link and the info finally downloaded to Quicken!


  • Follow-up, the account wasn't completely updated with all my transactions
  • RhondaD_123
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    You need M&T Bank - Direct Connect, which requires signing up first at https://www3.mtb.com/log-in When I went there and saw they wanted $9.95 a month, I called the # for Former People's United Customers Personal Banking Support - 1-800-414-9435 Option #3 for online/mobile issues. I opted to utilize the callback option and much to my surprise, a helpful representative was able to assist and address my concerns. Not willing to pay ~$120 annually for something free for years w/Peoples! What M&T was not super transparent about was as a former People's United Bank customer, there is a convenience waiver for the $9.95 a month they wanted to charge for Direct Connect. Went through the enrollment on 1st two accounts and she confirmed the waiver was applied before I proceeded with the rest. Downloads are working correctly again after I had already disabled online and reestablished with "Add Account" for existing accounts after enrolling.
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