Data Messed Up by Chase Reauthorization [Edited]

mikn67 Member ✭✭
I was not nearly as well informed by Quicken about the repercussions that would occur as the result of reauthorizing the new Chase download format as I believe I should have been. My previous bank file has been rendered useless. Because I was not able to match them to the Chase reauthorization accounts. All my reminders have to be updated to reflect a new account. I now have 3 months of downloaded transactions that have to be re-categorized because they pre-categorized them with the new account name. All the pre-authorized payments that I have initiated on the Chase Bank website are no longer being downloaded 30 days in advance, and I must now create new reminders in the software to track those payments.
I may settle down as I go through the next few days/weeks, making the necessary updates, but at the moment, I am looking for a new PFM solution. I believe I was severely let down by Quicken through a lack of pertinent information that would have allowed me to better prepare for this bomb that just ripped my file to shreds.
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