Quicken software update froze - now can't start Quicken

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I was trying to sign into Quicken and it said it needed to update. During the update, it froze up.
I have restarted the computer....3 times and it still will not let me start Quicken. I have stayed current on updates so it would be the most recent update. It said to contact Quicken support.
What do I do to get into Quicken?


  • BK
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    Sometimes the program updates fail, perhaps due to networks issues, etc.  You can easily try updating again manually by using the manual Mondo Patch process from here.   Hope this helps.
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  • budi
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    The Mondo Patch link says "To check your release version, open Quicken and go to Help > About Quicken. If it's a lower number than the release here (listed in the Release Notes section below), you need to update."
    SInce I can't open Quicken, how will I know what version it is? When I attempt to open Quicken, the first thing that shows is this message
    "Unable to initialize Quicken run time components. Restart Windows and try again If the problem persists, Visit Quicken Support"
    I have restarted WIndows 4 times
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    Please do this:
  • budi
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    It took 3 tries but it finally works Oh my!
    Thank you
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