Forgotten how to create a transfer category

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I want to set up a new category to be used to transfer funds from an account to that category. I've done it before but can't recall how to do it now. I want to be able to transfer $$ from my bank accounts to what I call a Set Aside account to be accessed at some time in the future. How to do it escapes me thus any help would be appreciated.


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    Have you ever used "Savings Goals" in Quicken?
    If you are using a real bank account, e.g., a Savings account at your local bank, for this purpose and move real money from Checking to Savings ...
    after you have created the Savings account in Quicken, to transfer funds just create a transaction in your checking account and enter the name of the savings account as Category, surrounded by [square brackets], e.g., "[Set Aside Savings]"
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    Thank you.
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