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New to Quicken. I have a list of people/companies to whom I need to write checks over the next year. I am entering their info and making them a memorized payee. Question is that I have entered their payee name and address and memorized it. I also added a name to the "Attn Line" but how do I get that Attn Line to actually print on the check. When I go to print the check it only shows the payee, street, city, state and zip.


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    If you are going to print Standard or Voucher checks with Quicken (*), you can do the following:
    Go into the Address Book (Tools menu) or work with the MPL entry's Address Book button.
    Select / Edit the address where you need the Attn: line and make it look similar to the example below.
    Once the address is correct, click on "Format..." to bring up the 2nd popup on the right.
    Click to put a checkmark at "After payee" and note how the formatted address box changes.
    Click OK to save changes and again to save the address book record.
    Repeat for all other Address Book entries where you need the Attn: line to print on a check.
    Note and experiment with the other formatting options, should you need them.
    (*) AFAIK, you cannot print more than 3 lines on personal-size Wallet checks. There's just not enough room on these little checks.
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