Negative Credit Card transactions in Quicken 2014 expenses Report.

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Recently I pulled out an expense report (by months) in Quicken 2014 and noticed that credit card transactions in some months columns were negative thus decreasing the grand total value of the expenses.

I tried several things to correct them including changing to another random categories (where they reflect then correctly) and entering them again in their proper category but for when assigning the categories they belong, they still come out negative again in the report and report total.

I checked everything acccount, credit/debit, etc.., as I am an experienced quicken user and never happened to me before. Now this!.

Any help?


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    Please tell us more about the category these expenses were allocated to.
    Is the category defined as an Expense category or as a subcategory to an expense category?
    If the category were to be defined as an Income category, then yes, the expense transaction should show as negative income.
    OTOH, if the transactions in question were refunds or returns of something you purchased and previously categorized as an expense, then I would expect them to show as negative expense, aka Income.
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