Simplified Way of Tracking Investments, Multi-Currency

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I'm looking to simplify the way I track my investments as most of my assets are located inside tax-free registered accounts (RRSP, LIRA, TFSA) here in Canada. Therefore, tracking any sort of tax implications isn't really that crucial.

Up until now, I've been recording my pay cheques with contributions going into my respective investment accounts. From there, I would track the shares I purchase, their cost etc. I was also forced to setup two accounts in Quicken, one for Canadian securities and one for USD even though my RRSP account at the brokerage firm is a single account where they do they foreign exchange transactions at the time of buy/sell.

So with all that said, is there a way I can simplify the way I'm currently tracking my investments? For example, right now I'm having to transfer money from my CAD to USD account in quicken to record the buy order for U.S securities and then when I sell them, I have to transfer the USD back out to the CAD.

Any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated.
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