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Quicken cannot edit because there are downloaded transactions to review

parkes67 Member ✭✭
I have a credit card account that is somehow linked to my Fidelity account online. I want to simply change the online services but Quicken won't let me because it thinks there are transactions to review. I get the error "Quicken cannot edit because there are downloaded transactions to review". I don't see a Red Flag and I feel like I have done everything I can think of. I would prefer not to delete the account because then the transactions will be permanently stuck. I have used the same Quicken file for nearly 20 years and never had an issue like this. Any thoughts?


  • Eileen@
    Eileen@ Member ✭✭✭
    Did you try to go to details and turn off the online services or reset account? Deactivate or reset?

    It feels like you have something in the cache that needs to be cleared.

    You could try to validate the file, and this would show you stuff in limbo. I would back it up first, and I would even try a restore of the same file first. Honestly, when I get this far in, I get on chat support with a rep and let them guide me through it or even remote in. I'm a IT Tech desktop support person, and sometimes I need the help. My file is huge, and I don't mind people seeing the details, if they are support. I have had good experience with support from Quicken in the file management aspect of things.
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