Can I get a refund for my remaining 8 months-I cancelled my auto renewal

I want a refund for my 8 remaining months. I will not use the bank download function any longer. It does not work, after my auto renewal in May, the bank downloads stop working. I have spent approx 3-4 hours with support, and the issue has not been resolved. They had me Deactivate my online accounts and then re-set them up. When doing so, it downloaded all old transactions and I had hundreds of duplicates. Now every month when I try to connect to the bank I get an error. Called support, same thing. This totally throws off my reconciliations, now every month I have an adjusting entry. they never fixed it. Now it happens every month, I have to deactivate the accounts reset them, and then I always get duplicate transactions, Every reconciliation is off.


  • JRod
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    Did their R43.32 release fix the duplicate transactions?  This was happening in recent Chase conversion to EWC+ to many upon initial account linking and conversion, and they claim this release fixes duplicate transactions issues.   Some banks offer a QFX file download option which you can then import transactions into Quicken.  Maybe that path avoids the duplicate transactions at least to have better control and avoid the constant reconciling headaches.

    This whole downloading experience change for the worse has made me question if worth renewing Quicken anymore.  
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