Fidelity NetBenefits investment transaction download is zeroing manually-entered transactions

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So how do I get Quicken to stop zeroing transactions.

Fidelity NetBenefits does not differentiate between 401k contributions and company match. For years I've been manually updating the downloaded transaction, and adding an "Add Shares" transaction to handle the shares from the match. That's on Fidelity.

Recently, however, I started making after-tax 401k contributions with a Roth conversion. Now I'm splitting my transactions 3 ways -- one for the regular Roth contribution, a second for the after-tax-Roth conversion, and a third for the match. Two BUY transactions and one Add Shares Transaction.

Here's the problem: apparently Fidelity is creating add-share transactions with zero value, and they're zeroing out the manually entered add-share transactions.

I typically download transactions late on Fridays of pay weeks... so when I downloaded on 9/16, my add-share transactions for 9/2 were zeroed.

I've got screenshots documenting the before and after, but I'm not 100% sure it's the download doing it.

Any suggestions?


  • micha8st
    micha8st Member ✭✭
    by the way, once I cottoned-on to what was happening, I've been re-entering the zeroed transactions. Once re-entered, they stick.
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