every time I try to click button for "reviewed" I'm blocked by a popup box

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edited October 2022 in Using Quicken on the Web
Is there a way to turn off the pop up box that appears every time you hover your mouse over the circle to click "reviewed"?


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    Just to confirm ... you are asking about the Quicken on the web browser-based app, not the Quicken program for Windows or Mac. Is that correct?
    For those of us who haven't seen this popup, could you try and capture an image snapshot with the popup open, please?
    If you are on a Windows PC, press Shift-PrtScrn to capture the image. Open MS Paint (or any other available image editor) and paste the image into Paint. Crop the image to remove unnecesary portions and black out personal information, then save the image into a PNG or JPG file. Finally drag the image file into the Comment box on this webpage.
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