Mobile and Web Issues

>> Quicken Deluxe Version R43.32 - Build, Windows 11 Home

Over the past week, Quicken Mobile and Web Sync keeps popping up with errors on my accounts.  I've tried all the suggestions for getting this fixed...but NOTHING has worked.  At one point, I was forced to restore everything from a previous backup because I was getting the "entity" error that's been happening to a number of other users.  I've tried resetting, de-activating & re-activating my accounts; from single accounts, to all of them at once.  I even tried uninstalling and re-installing the IOS application.  (My Desktop version is good, by the way).

Is anyone working on this issue, or, has anyone come up with a fix?  I dumped Quicken once before, and am considering tossing it again, because the program isn't performing the way it should be.  I'm better off just using the Excel Worksheets I've built, for reconciling with Quicken!   
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