Chase Checking not updating

I use the OSU, and it says that it is successful; however, no new transactions have been downloaded. Yes, they have posted on Chase. I am on version R43.42. I reset the account, disconnected it, reconnected it, validated it, and repaired it. And it still won't update. See the validation report below.

Is there something going on with chase's update on quicken?

[Tue Sep 27 01:25:07 2022]

File: "D:\OneDrive\Budget\Quicken\Active Files\daniel's quicken-DESKTOP-PUMVM8A-DESKTOP-K2EQ8TL-3"

Validating your data.
Quicken found a damaged scheduled reminder and removed it. Please check your scheduled reminders by going to Tools>Manage Bills and Income Reminders.

No read errors.

All internal consistency checks passed.


  • rpgarrett75703
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    I had a similar thing happen yesterday with my Discover account that uses EWC (not EWC+). It hadn't downloaded anything since 9/7. To fix it I just did a "Reset Account" from the Online Services tab in the Account Details window (go to Tools/Account List and Click on "Edit" for the account in question.) During the reset process all the missing transactions got downloaded. Give it a try.
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