Truist Bill Pay using Quicken DirectConnect

denmarfl Member ✭✭✭✭
Guess I am spoiled...using Quicken BofA Bill Pay since 2001...  BoA Website will show a Payment Pending right after its sent via Quicken, DirectConnect.  With see nothing at their Website until the Payment is MADE....  I sent a pyt to Truist and got it could not be accepted because of the Payment date....  When I selected the Payee...which showed a 2 Day Lead...the Payment request automatically set a 1 day Pay date.  But looking at the request in the Online Center it shows SENT...with the 1 Day Pay Date...when in fact it was rejected.  I of course chnaged the Pay date and resent it.  I am thinking about going to Truist since they are offering Quicken DirectConnect Bank Bill charge...but it gives me concerns that after I sending\connecting with Quicken with Truist I have no way to confirm payment was accepted...will be Paid until after the Payment is made.  I have tried 2 small test Payments...both were PAID properly to the Payee...but sure would like to see payment Pending after sent to Truist for piece of Mind.  Per Turist, payments sent by Quicken are process by a 3rd party....and the reason nothing shows at the Website until PAID.    
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