Does Quicken, Inc. see my data? Windows 10 subscription user, no online storage

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Please help. I am really perplexed as to whether I can continue to use Quicken.

So, when I was forced to make the change on Chase bank and Bank of America to this new FDX (EWC+), I was alarmed that it asked me to accept allowing the bank to "share" with Quicken a whole host of data, including my ss# last 4 digits.

My questions are:
1. Does the "sharing data with Quicken" mean Quicken on my computer or Quicken, Inc.? 2. Is this info from the banks passing through Quicken, Inc. servers?
3. Is Quicken, Inc. keeping ANY copy at all?
4. Does Quicken, Inc. even have my data in passing or any other way that I haven't been able to ask?
5. Has it been doing so in past years (say 2020 and earlier) and I didn't know it?

If so, it seems very risky to me. I assumed for all the nearly 30 years I've used it that the data passed from the banks, etc. directly to me, never passing through Quicken.

I.E. - My position has always been that any of the Quicken competitors that did the online storage were of ZERO interest to me. Likewise, I pay for Turbotax for Windows and run locally because I'd never put my data on their servers. You get my point of view.

I responded to a 9/21/22 email from Quicken CEO Eric Dunn asking effectively what does this mean? As of 9/28/22, I have not had a response nor did the email bounce.

As I mention below, I have never had Quicken data accessible online. I just don't like any more of my personal info out there than absolutely necessary, and I certainly don't want to have all my financial data conglomerated in 1 place for some bad guy to hack into. (I don't do social media, etc. Call me a dinosaur - I wear the badge proudly.)

For reference, here is my email to him:

This email is to the CEO.

Mr. Dunn,

As a Q user since early 1990s, I have much appreciated what the product has allowed me to do w/ my financial info. I am a Windows user.

I have intentionally avoided becoming an on-line Q user and I don't do ANY backup of my files to yours or any other websites. Not just financial - I don't do online storage of any kind. Why? The security issues are obvious. Q has just about ALL my financial info in 1 place and the devastation someone could wreak on me is not something I take lightly.

When I have had to make Q tech support calls, I have NEVER allowed your people to gain control of my computer - the info there is just too personal!

Many may not see the issue since most of the world lives online but I DON'T. No social media, NADA for me. I hope that even those that are more loosey goosey with their data than me will recognize the fatal flaw of all their financial eggs in one basket in a Q server somewhere.

In light of all the above, as today I accepted the new Bank of America Q terms to continue my connection to them via Q, I read with HORROR the listing of all the financial info Q will now have FULL ACCESS to. I don't want 1 soul at Q or anywhere else having this info and am outraged that your company has taken this approach.

Mr. Dunn, if there is not a way to opt out of allowing Q to have access to my financial info as spelled out on the BoA site AND STILL HAVE Q bring BoA data to my computer via one touch update, I will be having to consider breaking this somewhere near 30 year association. This is a breach that I cannot tolerate.

Please advise ASAP.


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